Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Einstein Quote Reflection

The Einstein quote I chose to write my essay about is "It's not that I'm so smart , it's just that I stay with problems longer ." The reason I chose this was because I think it's true and it makes me feel better about my problem solving skills. When I'm facing a difficult math or Physics problem, I can think of this quote and realize that if I just stick with the problem I can get it. That's what I think this quote means. It shows that people who get hard problems aren't necessarily "smart", but just have a good attitude and stick with their problems. This is why I think it's good to be in Honors classes because they challenge my by giving my hard problems. This quote by Einstein is a great one.

1 comment:

  1. I've always liked this quote because it is really relevant to a science class.
    I appreciate the way you made that connection and I particularly like your conclusion about enrolling in Honors level courses. Though they might not be the easiest ones they challenge your thinking and make you a better student.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I have learned so much from you this year (not only about skateboarding and movie making!).