Monday, February 1, 2010

Skateboarding Physics Application

Scholars have pondered upon the question for centuries. Why when I ride my skateboard do I decelerate faster on dry concrete rather than wet concrete? I'm going to try to answer this question using a video and many diagrams. Click on the link below to see my glog that answers this question.


Note: Because of the comments left about this post I have edited my glog to have a note about the difference between the friction I used for my experiment versus the friction of rolling wheels. However, when I looked up the physics of rolling wheels it involved many equations and terms that we have not studied. Therefore I put a brief note at the bottom of my glog about the subject. You will find it if you scroll down on the sticky at the bottom of the page. Thank you.



  1. I really like the video you made. It shows that you not only understand the calculations using the concepts you learned but also can apply it to things we encounter everyday. One thing though, when you performed your demonstration, the effects of the friction was not very apparent. To get a more accurate view, maybe next time you could slide down a ramp or a hill so you start off at the same speed. Mark the finish spot, you will see a difference. Other than that, I thought your video did a great job guiding the audience as you did your experiment with FBD's.

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  3. Paxton: Great job on your video! Very clean with awesome music!

    However, there is a difference between rolling and sliding wheels. In the case of your skateboard, there should be absolutely NO difference in deceleration. Take a look at what kinds of friction act on rolling wheels! :)


  4. This is so cool! The video helps give a visual of the question and answer you are exploring.

  5. Your posting is great! You did a fabulous job with your video and you provided a very clear explanation of the forces acting when skateboarding.
    Please go back to our Delicious network and dig a little deeper on the resources that explain the types of friction acting on rolling objects.
    You may need to do a minor correction on your project.