Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Physics Skateboard Correction!

Sadly, in a new study ,I have been proven wrong about my skateboarding physics project. Because I used the friction of a sliding wheel instead of a rolling one I must correct myself. However, we have not previously studied the friction of a rotating wheel so if you find yourself amazed at the awesomeness that awaits you in my correction physics glog don't be surprised. Click on the link below to see the astonishing study.

skateboard correction


  1. Paxton I wouldn't say that you were proven wrong in your physics project at all!
    I'll rather say that new information allowed you to discover that there were other factors that should be taken in consideration in order to calculate the acceleration.
    Great job, that's how real science is done!

  2. Hey Paxton, don't be sad! You did real science. You had an idea, you tested it, and the results are useful and interesting, even if they're not what you thought at first. I learned something from it!

    I wish my physics students would show as much originality!

  3. You did a thorough job with your presentation! Though an error was made, you weren't afraid to go further to figure out why your original answer was not realistic. I really admire that. The blog itself is very interesting and the answer is well supportd. Good job!

  4. Nicely done, Paxton! Doing science is always much messier than it seems when we read about it or 'study' it from a book (or website). The ability to go back and modify the models used to describe various phenomena is the strength of a scientific understanding. You have demonstrated that with your skateboard project very nicely!! Keep up your good scientific work.

  5. Great presentation. Great color and pictures, even though your calculation or formula is slightly wrong. But the right idea to start with is always good. As you learn more about physics, you will have a great understanding how a skateboard work.